Single Ladies! Don’t Wash Your Hair

I wish I was kidding with this title, but I’m 100% serious. A year and a half ago, I went on my second date with Ben. He asked me to grab dinner on a Tuesday night. He asked me the day before, and since I’m Type-A, I consider that last-minute. I go to Pilates on Tuesday evenings. There was zero chance that I was missing tricep pulses and resistance-band training for this guy. Our first date was great, but I wouldn’t allow myself to get my hopes up. I had my guard-up, and maybe my unwashed hair was a defensive mechanism (so deep, I know).

So, I agreed to meet him after Pilates. I ran out of class at 6:45 on the dot, sprinted to the Equinox retail shop to buy an overpriced tank-top, sprinted back up to the locker room to shower-off, and I was out the door by 6:55. I wasn’t a total trainwreck, I did put on some mascara and perfume with my clean, post-shower, atheleisure attire.

Two hours later, I knew Ben was something incredible. (To say that I knew he would be my husband someday is a slight exaggeration, but I knew he was the real deal by the end of this date.) We sat eating our dinner, and I felt like there was nobody else around us.  Then, I got up to use the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and was horrified for a moment. Here I was, in yoga pants with a messy-bun plopped on top of my head.

Ben tells me that he loved seeing me just “show-up” at our date in my usual Tuesday attire. Although he does say that he immediately thought I was ‘friend-zoning’ him since it was clear that I put about 10% effort into my appearance that night.

Anyways, I think about all those ‘first and second dates’ during my twenties where I spent way too much time curling my hair or styling it. The only second-date that matters, is the one I wore unwashed hair to.  There is something raw and authentic about being you- 100%, even if that means dirty hair on a Tuesday night.

Here are the dry-shampoo brands I currently have in rotation…


Black and White Minimalist Instagram Story.png

 1.Batiste Dry Shampoo, Original Fragrance, 3 Count

2. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, 4 Ounce

3. Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo, 3.4 Ounce

4. Husk Charcoal Dy Shampoo


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