Favorite Fall Coats

The weather this weekend finally felt like fall- or even winter. I am perfectly content with the perpetual summer, because as soon as the temps drop below 60, I’m looking to get on the next flight to see my family in Naples. When life hands you lemons- or 35 degree-highs- it’s time to make lemonade and order a new, warm coat.

Last week, I ordered myself a city-coat and love the tailored-classic look. Thanks to the amazing sales J Crew Factory always runs, I was able to snag it for under $100. (Yes, way.) As beautiful as this coat is, it is not particularly warm. If you’re considering purchasing this as your new winter coat- it won’t cut it. This coat is light enough that it can be worn when temps dip into the 50’s. (My South Floridians, I’m talking to you. Gotta prepare for the cold snap that comes every January. It could even get down to a frigid 50 degrees at night.) The Vail Parka, also from J Crew Factory, is supposed to be slightly warmer with a faux-fur-lined hood. I’m considering ordering one should I stumble upon some extra shopping funds this month. (Hey, a girl can dream.)

I can attest to the beauty and warmth of J Crew’s Chateau Parka. The style has been around for several years, and I’ve borrowed it from my best friend on several occasions. It comes in seven colors, and the light mustard is my absolute favorite. At $365, I can’t bring myself to purchase this coat-even at 25% off (use code BUNDLEUP to take advantage of this awesome discount that should run through the middle of this week).  As a first grade teacher, God knows what might end up on my coat at the end of recess duty. If you have a fancy, business-lady job like my friend Lindsay, I highly recommend this coat.

I hope fall is being kind to you and you’re enjoying the sudden dip in temperature.

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