Gratitude Season

I go through about 150 thank-you notes each year. (Not even slightly exaggerated.) It speaks volumes to the incredible people I have in my life. As a teacher, I’m constantly receiving adorable little tokens of gratitude from my students and their parents. Not to mention, I come from a gigantic family. It seems as though there is always a note to write.

I find the execution of writing a thank-you note and sending it by snail-mail to be daunting. I still have a stamp-less envelope buried in my purse with a thank-you note for my sister. Meg, if you’re reading this, thank you for the wonderful bottle of bubbly.

TwentyFivePlusFive Basic Invite.jpg

Here are my tips for easing the thank-you note process…

-Make a list
I’m a list person. Aint no shame in that! After our engagement party, we kept our thank-you note list on our fridge. Every few days, we would write a few. Crossing names off the list gave me a sense of accomplishment.

-Set a date on the calendar
There have been times I’m guilty of the *very* belated thank-you note. For example, the time I pulled a thank-you note out of the bottom of my purse eight months after the gift had been given. I’m pretty sure my friend Lindsay forgot that she ever gave me something. Setting a completion date means you won’t let time get away from you.

-Keep stamps in your wallet
I keep a book of stamps in my wallet. Not having a stamp is never my excuse for not sending a note.

-Find beautiful thank-you notes
There are so many places to order thank-you notes from. It can be overwhelming! Earlier this month, I picked out the most beautiful thank-you notes from Basic Invite. (See pictured below and above). There are hundreds of choices, including, nearly unlimited colors, 40 different color-options for envelopes, and custom-printing return-address on the envelopes. I truly had a blast ordering a set of thank-you notes.

Stay tuned, because Basic Invite has everything- classy wedding invitations, wedding thank you notes, and even save-the-dates. (Ben and I will be ordering ours from Basic Invite next month!) They also have a free wedding website service that allows you to customize your website to match your invites. (Eeek! Giddy scream!)

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