Strut Your Bootie(s)

It is rare that I come across a pair of boots or booties that I do not want to buy. If I completely lacked self-control, I would own about 45 pair of boots and 1,000 pair of booties. I’ve made a conscious effort to balance my closet when it comes to fall-footwear.

When it comes to investing in boots, there are two timeless brands that I recommend investing in.  Frye has been making boots since our great-great-great grandmothers were struggling to balance their closets in 1863 (I kid, I kid). You don’t have to spend $400 on Frye boots if you shop smart. If you’re a planner, you can snag a pair of Frye’s from Nordstrom Rack or other retailers in the off-season. I bought a pair several years ago for under $100. I also recently started a love-affair with Jack Rogers booties. I’ve had some of my Jack sandals for over a decade.

That being said, my favorite black booties were purchased at Old Navy for a whopping $20. Here are my picks below. Enjoy!

Black Boots Black Booties

Brown BootsBrown Booties
TwentyFivePlusFive Booties 3

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