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Have you ever felt like you don’t have three seconds to breathe in a day? No exaggeration. I’m talking about those days where you don’t sit down, forget to eat, and are visibly stressing just to make it through. (I also venture to guess if you are currently a law student, senior in high school, or a mom- you have those days more often than I do.) That being said, we all have those days regardless of how often they happen. I am the type of person who realistically could take things off my plate, but I never do. I thrive when I’m running from place-to-place at lightening speed.

A few weeks ago, I was given The Five Minute Journal by our superintindeint as a year-end gift. In fact, every staff member in my school district was given this journal. I flipped through it that night and decided this was something I was going to commit to. The challenge is tough, but attainable- write in this journal every morning and evening for six months without ever skipping a day.

Each page is broken up into two parts- morning and evening. Each morning, I read the daily quote or weekly challenge. I also fill in three things I’m grateful for, three things that would make the day great, and one daily affirmation. Most days, I don’t write anything too deep. Many days, my affirmation is simply: “Slow down. Stop and enjoy.”

I’m excited to be on this journey and be able to look back six months from now and remember all the things that made me grateful.

You can order your own Five Minute Journal here

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2 thoughts on “Five-Minute Journal

  1. I need one of these journals! I am also one of those people that thrive on being “too busy,” and it’s not sustainable! Great post and thanks for sharing this idea!!

  2. I figured the worst thing is that I will end up stopping somewhere along the way. 🤷🏻‍♀️ You should absolutely try this!

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