5 Fun Facts about Vinho Verde

Since today is Father’s Day, I thought it would be completely appropriate to share one of my favorite types of white wine- from the Vinho Verde region of Portugal. (As most of you know, my father is Portuguese.) Before I get to the wine, I want to share a bit about my father. My father is hands-down the hardest-working and most humble person I know. He was born in the United States to Portuguese-immigrant parents. When he was still a baby, they immigrated again to Brazil, which is where my father spent his childhood. My grandfather spent his entire life working tirelessly to support his children so that they could have the ultimate opportunity. My father took the opportunity and ran with it. He moved back to the United States at a time when the ELL class didn’t exist. (And I thought I had it rough in middle school!) My father put himself through college and business school. He even passed his CPA exam on the first try. When I was growing up, my father provided our family with the most beautiful life. He always says he is so proud of us, and I can’t help but laugh. We are the ones who are so proud to be his daughters!

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Now on to the wine…

I remember going to a party in college and seeing a bottle of Cascal Garcia, and saying, “Oh! You drink Vinho Verde?” The girl shrugged and said, “Huh? I just brought this stuff, because it was $6.”

Five Things to Know About Vinho Verde:

  1. Vinho Verde is usually rather cheap! Some of my favorites are under $10!
  2. Vinho Verde isn’t a type of grape. It is a region in the Douro Valley in Portugal. The region is huge and stretches to the Spanish border.
  3. Some Vinho Verde wines have a light-fizz to them. Back in the day, it was often referred to as the “soda pop wine”. It is light and refreshing. The alcohol content also tends to be lower. While in Portugal last summer, we would enjoy a bottle of our favorite Vinho Verde wine with lunch each day.
  4. Don’t save it! Most Vinho Verde wines are best enjoyed immediately after bottling. They are young wines and don’t necessarily get better with age. (I appreciate that!)
  5. Vinho Verde wines pair so well with many different dishes- especially seafood. This is my go-to summer wine for days on the beach when I want a little refreshment.

For more information, click to read this article!


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My dad, me, and my niece, Isabelle


My dad in Portugal enjoying lunch and some vinho verde
My Dad and Ben. I love this picture!

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