Macrobar The Ultimate Snack

I don’t even know where to begin with GoMacro macrobars. Simply stated, if you haven’t tried them yet- please do so immediately. These bars have consistently been my favorite afternoon snack option. There are so many flavors to try! Almond-butter carob and cashew butter are two of my favorites. They are always coming up with new recipes. Most recently, I’ve discovered the granola coconut macrobar.

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Treating myself to a GoMacro Macrobar post-pilates



The original macrobars are vegan and soyfree. They are made with clean, plant-based and responsibly sourced ingredients. The bars are also free from preservatives. The consistency is a bit chewy, but not overly so. I compare it to a soft-baked cookie. (Honestly!)

A brief background on the company

Amelia Kirchoff, the company’s founder, is a cancer-survivor. I recently watched a video on GoMacro and was almost in tears. Amelia credits the macrobiotic-diet for changing her health and ultimately, keeping her alive. I have so much respect for people who take control of their health like this. She is one strong lady. Sidenote! Amelia started making macrobiotic-friendly cookies for her family and friends. (I wasn’t making it up when I said they actually taste like cookies!) You can watch the video here:

GoMacro Founder’s Story from GoMacro on Vimeo.

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