Wine Tasting Party Ideas

Last winter, I attended a friend’s One Hope Wine Tasting event, and I fell in love with the brand. OneHope was created by a group of friends who wanted to provide awesome wine to people while supporting great causes. You can read more about their mission here. 

As a host, you provide the wine for the event.  Hosts are able to purchase a case at a 60% discount. Unless you are expecting more than 50 people, half a case should suffice. (That means you can enjoy the other six bottles yourself.) Hosts also select a charity they wish to support. Based on the sales of your party, a percentage is donated to the charity you pick. Last year, I supported the Fighting Angels Foundation and this year, I chose The Read 2 Succeed Program.

What I love about OneHope- 1) The obvious. I love supporting good causes. 2) There is so much room for creativity as you plan your event. 3) There really is no pressure to buy for your guests. 4) Who doesn’t love wine?

April 2017:

Wine, Cheese, and Girl Scout Pairing “Sweet and Savory Saturday Night”

My first event was last year, and I decided to go with the above-mentioned theme. It was on a Saturday night from 5-7. The tasting table had cheeses to match each wine. In the kitchen, I displayed the Girl Scout Cookie Pairings. (Who would have ever thought Thin Mints go perfectly with a Pinot Noir?) I covered the tables with craft paper to create a certain aesthetic. Here is the craft paper I have. It comes in a giant roll, but I use it for so much around the house. (Like the gallery wall plan!) This also allowed me to write labels directly on the table for the wine, cheese, and cookies. These are the slateboards I ordered.  I am very particular when it comes to wine glasses. I have four boxes of these goblets. HomeGoods also has great deals on goblets, and I’m always looking there, too.

May 2018:

Bubble Bar and Athleisure

“Sip, Shop, Do Good!”

This year, I decided to call upon my sister. She represents an awesome athleisure brand, Peach. You can read more about the brand by clicking here. If there is one thing my friends love more than wine- it is athleisure. It was a great way to support my sister’s new business while simultaneously raising money for Read2Succeed and including OneHope. The event ran from 11-1. We had a bubble bar with six different lighter wines to try. I served macaroons, fresh fruit, and bagels. My condo is apartment-style with an open-concept. That being said, I was able to set-up OneHope in the dining area, food in the kitchen, and Peach in the living room.

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