What to wear? Workout Edition!

Working out is a big part of my life. I do it for too may reasons to list. One of my favorite parts of exercising is picking out fun outfits that allow me to work my hardest. My sister recently started working for an athleisure company, Peach. Peach is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands to work out in. I’m wearing the leggings in the picture below, and let me tell you- these babies suck it all in. They are flattering, and I love their shiny material. I can go from the barre to run errands and feel good about what I’m wearing. Be sure to check her out on Instagram: @prettyinpeach2


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Working at a barre studio completely spoiled me for life. Thanks, Exhale.  Not only did I fall in love with the barre, but I also fell for AloYoga and Spiritual Gangster. As I mentioned above, the athleisure brand, Peach is quickly becoming another favorite of mine. I love to pair fun leggings with a bralette and flowy tank for barre classes. I’m small-chested and the AloYoga bralettes work well for me. They have enough support if you’re one of the blessed ones and need more support.

Barre Look
Leggings by Peach Bralette by AloYoga Top by Spiritual Gangster


Top by Spirital Gangster Leggings by LuLuLemon Bralette by AloYoga

I wear almost identical outfits to barre and yoga. The only difference is- what I wear on the bottom. I often wear more flowy pants or joggers for yoga. I find that my legs tend to relax and move better. I love Spiritual Gangster for yoga tops. They always have such funny and cute wording. They are on the pricy side, so I would suggest keeping an eye on Nordstrom Rack and online for sales. I always have an eye out for deals, too.


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Top by Chaser Short by LuLuLemon Sneakers by Fabletics Sunglasses by Stella&Dot

Anyone who knows me knows how I loathe running. I imagine that I look and sound like an elephant. I had tibial torsion as a child therefore my gait is always awkward.  I refer to a 10K I ran as a “marathon”, because I was as exhausted as a marathoner upon finishing. That being said, I do tend to go on short runs (4 miles or less) for a boost of cardio. I found that Brooks running sneakers are my favorite. I have Ghost7’s and find that they give just the right amount of support. Here are some of my favorite things to wear.



Ben loves to tease me when I say that I’m off to lift heavy weights. About two years ago, I started lifting on a regular basis. I did this with the help of the awesome trainers at Equinox. It has completely transformed my upper body. No longer ‘skinny fat’, I feel legitimately strong.

I’m also always looking at my local Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Modell’s for marked down items. I would love to know some of your favorite work-out brands!
xoxo Laura

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