Sunday Night Ritual

“What is more boring than watching a thirty-something teacher get ready for the week?” you ask. That’s easy- TWO thirty-something teachers getting ready for the week! One of the things I love about Ben is that he embraces my crazy, list-making, planning side and makes me feel like it’s normal. Anyways, here is a brief look into our weekly planning…

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This is what the kitchen counter in my condo looks like on a Sunday afternoon. I try to do as much prep-work for the week on Sunday without over-routinizing things or missing out on fun things. That is why I am in the kitchen at 11pm some Sunday nights. I wash fruits and veggies and pop them into containers. Ben and I both take them to school on Mondays and have enough to last the whole week. (No break-time to run and get food during the day. #teacherproblems) I also hardboil a dozen or so eggs and have them as my morning snack. If you can overlook the horrendous smell, they are a great, protein-packed snack option.

Here is my current, go-to lunch:

-1 chicken breast lightly seasoned with pepper (you can choose any seasoning you like)

-Small handful of spinach

-Small handful of cherry tomatoes

-Generous scoop of babaghanoush (I tend to stick to a low FODMAP diet and don’t tolerate hummus well. This is a great alternative that has the same flavor but fewer chickpeas)

1 Engine 2 Plant Strong wrap


Monday’s Look

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Tuesday’s Look


Wednesday’s Look


Thursday’s Look


Friday’s Look


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