“Health” Food for Less at Vitacost

(I have ‘health’ in parenthesis, because, let’s be serious, dairyfree Ranch dressing can’t possibly be good for you. It is so so good and terribly expensive.)

I’ve been making an attempt to spend less money on groceries this year. I’m really not willing to sacrifice the way I eat, but those bottled matcha drinks and grainfree tortillas do not come with a small price-tag.

About six months ago, a co-worker told me about VitaCost. It is FREE to join and they offer many of my specialty favorites at a discounted rate. They also offer free shipping on all orders over $49- major bonus! Another feature they offer is, autoship. You can sign up to have your orders sent every month, two months, etc.

I place an order every few weeks and these are my staples:

-Nutpod Dairyfree Creamer

-Siete Grainfree Chips (I save around 40 cents per bag!)

-Daiya Salad Dressing (I also save around 50 cents per bottle)

-Almond butter

-Go Macro Bars

-Jerky (let’s be serious, that is for Ben, not me)

You can visit Vitacost by clicking here. Be sure to sign up for their emails so you can receive an alert whenever they are running a promotion. They run 20% off your entire order promotions quite frequently.

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