Face Halo Makeup Removers

So I have a friend who is always buying these seemingly wacky products. (Sorry, Linds) Somehow, after trying all of these products, I can’t imagine my life without them. She should seriously be a judge of Shark Tank, because she has a gift for scoping out awesome products.

Yet, I was still skeptical when she handed me a bottle of wine and a pack of Face Halos for my birthday. (No, I wasn’t skeptical about the wine.) She claimed the Face Halo was “the most incredible make-up remover ever”. I believe she described them as “magical face marshmallows.”

The Face Halo is basically a cotton-fiber poof with magical powers. You can use Face Halo with regular tap water. The water somehow loosens your makeup allowing the cloth to get into your pores and take all of your make-up off. (SWEAR TO GOD!) When you finish using it, you can wash it with soap and water or throw it in the wash. Each Face Halo lasts for several dozen make-up removal sessions.

It’s hard to explain how amazing this product is. Here is a link to the website where you can watch videos and read more.  They offer 15% your first order and some additional promotions are currently active on the website.

Remember to check out my Instagram stories (@twentyfiveplus5). I will be demoing the Face Halo tonight! If you decide to try them, I would love to know what you think!


xoxo Laura

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