Top 3 Tips: Rent the Runway

In a nutshell- Rent the Runway is amazing. Growing up, I would shop in my sister’s closet-always without asking. I would get to wear her clothes for a bit and return them- unwashed. Rent the Runway is basically the same thing- only better, because you have permission to wear the items.

I have faithfully used Rent the Runway for the past four years. I’m a Pro Member, so I pay annually and get free-shipping/insurance with every order. The Pro Membership is $29.95 for the year and well worth it.  Click here to sign up and get $30 off your first order. I order dresses or outfits for weddings, parties, and other dressy events I attend. I visited the showroom in SoHo about two years ago. It was very crowded, and they didn’t have all the items I wanted to see in-stock. That being said, the stylists were super friendly, amazing, and helpful. I prefer to just browse and select my outfits online. I know not everyone has the same amazing experience with Rent the Runway- which is why I’m sharing my Top 3 Tips below.

Here are my Top 3 Tips for shopping on Rent the Runway-

  1. Know your body!

Rent the Runway has so many incredible dress and outfit options- strapless, open-back, low-cut, high-cut, midi, gown- the list goes on-and-on.  I would love to rock a low-cut, bright white romper- but I’m a flat-chested gal with a bigger butt who struggles to get a tan. (And don’t worry, despite my self-deprecating humor,  I do love myself regardless.) That being said, I tend to pick styles that I know will fit my body. I rent brands that I would never buy. (For example, I won’t rent anything from Lilly Pulitzer as this is a brand I shop frequently.)

2. Read the reviews

I would love to take more fashion risks, but when using Rent the Runway, I would advise against taking any sort of risks. The reviews are posted by girls who have worn the exact items. I find the reviews and photographs to be super helpful.

3. Set a price limit!

I may not be the smartest person when it comes to budgeting, so perhaps this last tip seems obvious. I’m not going to spend $150 on a rental when I could buy a perfectly great outfit for the same price.  I always decide on what I’m willing to spend before searching for a rental. I typically spend $50 or less. (Seriously…I’m renting it for a reason!)

Here are some of my favorite RTR picks from the past year or so…


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