Bamboo Bag for Less

If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories, you’ve heard me talk about my bamboo bag. It is a dupe of the Cult Gaia one and nearly 1/3 the price. I snagged mine on Amazon Prime for around $42. Click here to shop. It arrived in 2 days and was exactly what I wanted. The bag comes in just two sizes- small and large. I definitely recommend the smaller one as the larger one was challenging to pack for vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, the real bags are absolutely gorgeous and still under $200. This week, you can snag one for 25% using the code- EVENT18 and by shopping here. Everything from the Ark collection is beautiful for the spring and summer. For me, I just wasn’t willing to spend that much on a bag that was hard to pack for trips. Here is the real bag.


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