Natural Heartburn Remedy

***I want to start this post by saying- although I see an amazing naturopath, whom I credit for absolutely transforming my health,  I do visit my regular GI annually. The information in this post is based solely on my experience***

I feel like everyone has acid reflux these days. What does that say about what we’re all eating? Ahh, I digress. Whatever you want to call it- GERD, acid reflux, chronic heartburn- it’s not good.  The little purple pill was a staple in my life for many, many years. I can’t knock Nexium as it did work for me.

About ten months ago, my naturopath recommended Heartburn Free as a way to combat my reflux. Each box comes with 10 gel tablets. The directions suggest taking 1 tablet every other morning until you’ve taken the entire box. (20 days). The effects of 1 box are supposed to last for 6 months. However, I did find myself repeating the regiment every two-three months.

So what is in this stuff? Orange peel extract! Unlike other products, this one does not reduce mineral absorption or shut down acid production. It was explained to me that it works by actually soothing the muslces of your upper digestive track.

You can order it here or check at your local healthfood store. You can also order it for less on Amazon, but many of the sellers on Amazon aren’t regulated.

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