Who needs the sun, anyway?

Absolutely nothing beats the feeling of warm sunshine on your face. I am the type of person who could lay all day baking in sun (while wearing a strong SPF, obviously). As a woman in my early 30’s, I actually care about preventing wrinkles and sun damage. I wear an SPF on my face daily and visit my dermatologist annually. My mother and grandfather are both survivors of melanoma- scary stuff. I am rare breed- a father from Portugal and an American (Irish) mother. I have the potential to tan, freckle, and burn- an awesomely unpredictable combination.

I remember stepping into the Mystic Spray Tan booth before my freshman year semiformal in high school. I put that cream on my knees and ankles, but I knew darn well I’d be orange regardless. Sunless tanning has evolved over the years.

A friend gave me a bottle of SkinnyTan for my birthday a few years ago. It seems like they’re always running a BOGO promotion- and what’s better than that? I always apply it using a mitt and shower after about 4 hours. (The bottle suggests waiting longer, but I find that 4 hours is more than enough.) I use this on my face, too. I’ve never turned orange from this product. Its $39.90 for two bottles and they last awhile.

I also use St. Tropez Extra Dark Bronzing Mousse occasionally. I also apply using a mitt. I will say that this tan is deeper and darker- which means there is more room for error. I’ve had a few instances where I’ve ended up with orange ankles or palms. It is also slightly more expensive at $44 per bottle. They have a new line of gradual tan products. I’m looking forward to trying them.

Never fails: Jergen’s Natural Glow- it’s cheap and works well enough for gradual color.

Honorable mention: Australian Gold Sunless Tanning Lotion– at $13 a bottle, you can’t beat the price. It does have a strong odor and orangish tint.

I’m heading to Florida in a few days and will be getting a professional spray beforehand. If you’re local (Lower Fairfield County), email me. I will share the girl’s contact information- she comes highly recommended by another blogger.

xoxo Laura